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I’m so glad that you’ve come to this website. Trying to tell someone who you are and what you’re about in a few paragraphs is like trying to fit this 46-year-old man into skinny jeans (it’s not gonna’ happen. Ha!) Life is more than lists of titles and accomplishments. It is the matter of the heart, where struggle and pain, joy and victory meet around one’s deepest desires. My two greatest longings are to be fully pleasing to the One who loved me and gave His life for me and to offer Him a natural and spiritual family that lives in the light of His love and makes it known to all. Jesus is my life, and I want to search Him out and honor Him with those closest to me.

I’m the proud husband of Rachel Jennifer-Joy, the most beautiful lady on the planet, and the proud father of our three sons—Samuel, Jonathan, and Joshua. Doing life with them and serving Jesus together truly is the joy of my life!  Rachel and I are actually approaching our 25th wedding anniversary (insert clapping and loud cheers; we’re halfway to 50!) and celebrating the many years of fruitful ministry together. Back in 1999 we said yes to the Lord’s invitation to be part of the leadership at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City (IHOPKC). Now 17 years later, we give thanks to God for His mighty hand in our lives!

Growing up in the Methodist tradition, I was hungry for genuine heartfelt religion, longing for my generation to experience the transforming grace of God and to love Jesus Christ with everything. Often I thought our churches had lost their historic faith and heartfelt devotion, and because we had, we had lost the next generation. My time in seminary became a quest for how to wed theological study with deep spiritual formation, doing independent studies on revival history and prayer. The more I studied the more I was convinced the Church needed to get her heart back. We needed to rediscover the superior pleasure of connecting with God in the place of prayer and to experience the great power God releases when His people cry out to Him in corporate intercession.

On March 1, 1999 this conviction led me to join Mike Bickle’s staff just in time to aid in the starting of IHOPKC. The idea was to establish night and day prayer and worship as the foundation for building the Church and fulfilling the Great Commission. We sought to develop all of church life and the training of leaders from a context of singing and praying God’s Word. By Sept. 19, 1999 our prayer room was running 24/7 and still is to this day!

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Since that time, I’ve become the Associate Director of IHOPKC with nearly 1,000 fulltime and part-time intercessory missionaries and the President of our University with nearly 1,000 fulltime students and interns. I’ve also traveled the world teaching on prayer and preaching the gospel. And I can tell you this, the Church is getting her heart back and unceasing prayer from a historic faith and heartfelt devotion is arising from every continent through thousands of networks and ministries. The people of God are discovering the beauty of Jesus again and are beginning to sing and pray. A global upper room is emerging, and I believe the greatest revival in history will be the result.

The truly good news in this journey is that our three sons have experienced the awesome, saving love of Christ. We are a missionary family, and we absolutely love doing it together! They are not only our sons, but our brothers and co-laborers in the gospel. As a family we raise our own financial support and are enabled to do this Kingdom work together with a committed partnership team (link to partnership page). The best years are yet to come as the five of us find ourselves along the Emmaus Road encountering Christ, hearts burning with smiles beyond number. Come join us. There’s room enough for all.