My wife Rachel and I are full-time missionaries at the International House of Prayer Kansas City. As missionaries, we do not receive a fixed salary, but raise our own support. It is our joy and responsibility to do our missions work with a partnership team. Below are two ways to partner with us:

Monthly Financial Partnership

A team of monthly partners is essential for us to continue in the work of ministry. Recurring support enables us to keep a budget, plan out our living and ministry expenses, and devote our energy to the assignments the Lord has given us.

Special Gifts

Occasional gifts are a way of investing into our ministry without monthly financial commitment and are a blessing to us!


Through financial partnership we are enabled to give our lives, from a place of prayer and simple living, to the gospel and discipleship. We are daily reminded doing what we do as missionaries is made possible because of people like you.

Give a Tax-Deductible Donation Now

Thank you!

Endorsement from Mike Bickle

Director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City

“Allen and Rachel were on the pastoral staff of Metro Christian Fellowship with me; they made the decision in 2000 to lay down their regular salary and begin to assist me in leading the missionary thrust in the Western world. Allen has used all his personal savings because he so believes in living a life of prayer with fasting and in training the next generation for this hour in human history. His dedication is remarkable.

It is both awkward and difficult for people to raise their own financial support. This tension, along with living a simple lifestyle, is part of the price one pays for being a missionary. History has shown the good fruit that has resulted from missionaries. Most denominations have supported missionaries who have embraced this lifestyle. This is not new.

As director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, I invite you to consider partnering with Allen and Rachel. One practical way to do this is through monthly financial support. They are embracing a sacrificial and noble lifestyle for the cause of Christ. They need your spiritual, emotional, and financial support. This is not an easy calling to fulfill.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration!”