“And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” Luke 24:32

The idea of “Along the Emmaus Road” find its inspiration in Luke 24. Just as the risen Christ encouraged two of his disciples, disheartened in the wake of his crucifixion, through the Scripture’s revelation of Himself, we find our hearts eager to go on this same journey and to meet this same Man enclosed in the same pages.

For us, this will look like doing a weekly devotional corresponding with a weekly video podcast covering the life of Christ—who He is, what He did, what this all means—and all the implications and applications this entails in our lives. Which is beyond deep and wide, for Christ is all and all!

Our greatest aim in doing this is to encounter the historical, living, beautiful man we love called Christ! So come join us on the road that our hearts might burn together for Him.


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img_0109THE PLAYFULNESS OF GOD (3 Part MP3 Audio Series)

Have you ever wondered what the eternal God was doing before the foundation of the world? Before humanity appeared on the scene, what was God doing? Where did the Ancient of Days dwell and what did the Holy One think about? It’s unimaginable, isn’t it?

In order to walk in ardent love for God, we must grow in the knowledge of God, the One for whom our souls long. The quality of our spiritual lives depends on this search for truth and what we find. God made us for Himself, and the highest form of joy is to experience God’s revelation upon our hearts.

Is dealing with sin the sole basis of His interaction with us? If there were no enemies of our soul, what would our relationship with God look like? Can God enjoy us before we are completely sanctified?

In this three-part series, Allen Hood explores the playful nature of God’s delightful, emotional interaction with His children as He bestows grace on them to grow in Him.


Associate Director, International House of Prayer Kansas City

Allen Hood (M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary) served on the leadership team at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City from the very beginning. He served as the President of the International House of Prayer University from 2003-2016 and as the Associate-Director of the IHOPKC Mission Base from 2000-2020. Allen now resides in Colorado Springs wife his wife Rachel. In January 2019, Allen founded the Excellences of Christ Ministries, which “exists to proclaim the excellences of Christ to the ends of the earth and to disciple the body of Christ through prayer, preaching, creative resources, and the building up of the local church.” Allen also regularly travels, ministries, and consults with various ministries, local churches, and houses of prayer around the world.
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